A Little High-Speed Handpiece 101...

High-Speed Rebuild vs. New Turbine...

The turbine assembly is the "motor" inside the head of your high-speed handpiece. The ability to rebuild your Push Button or Lever handpiece depends on the condition of the existing chuck (that part that holds the bur). Upon receiving your handpiece, we immediately inspect the chuck for BUR RETENTION, CONCENTRICITY & OVERALL CONDITION. If it passes these tests, then we can rebuild your existing turbine assembly. If it fails any of these tests, then we will need to replace the whole turbine assembly. For the most part, handpieces that use a bur tool can always be rebuilt. 

High_Speed Rebuild Service for All Makes and Models

X-Handpiece introduces the X6 High-Speed Rebuild Service! These 6-Steps ensure your equipment will be up and running with replaced components, FREE estimate upon request and backed up with a 6-Month Warranty! Any questions, call us at  800-319-3243!

Replace old bearings with super-premium Myonic Bearings

Replace O-rings, Hardware & Gasket

Inspection and Cleaning of Handpiece Shell, Cap, Optics

Clean and Inspect Water and Air Lines

Free Estimate
(Upon Request)

Extended 6 Month Warranty